With the increasing demand in the home and hotel for Media Solutions, Contactum offers a comprehensive range of Media and Power devices helping the specifier and installer with a host of wiring solutions.


  Up to CAT 6A

  HDMI modules




Euro Socket Module Black (50x50)
Euro Socket Module White (50x50)
Speaker Black
Speaker White
Phono Black
Phono White
TV Male Black
TV Male White
TV Female Black
TV Female White
F Connector Black
F Connector White
TV/SAT Black
TV/SAT White
TV/Radio Black
TV/Radio Euro Module White (50x50)
TV/Radio/SAT Euro Module Black (50x50)
TV/Radio/SAT Euro Module White (50x50)
TV/Radio/SAT/SAT Black
TV/Radio/SAT/SAT White
Western Electric Tel RJ11 Black (25x50)
BT Master Black
BT Master White
BT Slave Black
BT Slave White
RJ45 CAT5e Black
RJ45 CAT5e White
RJ45 CAT6 Black
RJ45 CAT6 White
Data Outlet RJ45 CAT6A Black (25x50)
Data Outlet RJ45 CAT6A White (25x50)
HDMI Outlet Euro Module Black (25x50)
HDMI Outlet Euro Module White (25x50)
Brush White Euro Module 25mm
Brush White Euro Module 50mm
Brush White Euro Module 100mm
USB A+A Port Charger Module Black (50x50)
USB A+A Port Charger Module White (50x50)
USB A+C Port Charger Module Black (25x50)
USB A+C Port Charger Module White (25x50)
Blank Black
Blank White