Important Safety Notice - Contactum Defender Board


This Safety Notice and its associated actions are now closed

Have you purchased and / or installed a Defender Consumer Unit?

We recently became aware of a fault within one of our Defender consumer units caused by a defective cable. This fault occurred with a neutral cable which had a crimped terminal. Since March 2018, this design has been superseded with a more robust welded version as illustrated below.


Even for one isolated incident Contactum quality control is to achieve a zero tolerance level. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, and to eliminate any potential future risk, we would like to arrange the replacement of any crimped neutral cable with a welded version.


If you have purchased and/or installed a Defender product please contact us directly at

Customer Services

Tel: 0208 208 7419

Fax: 0208 438 0281


Alternatively, please fill our the Defender Consumer Unit Registration Form and our Customer Service Team will get back to you as soon as possible.